Que Fresco BBQ's & Smokers

Que Fresco import and wholesale a select range of quality barbecue brands to the retail trade. All the barbecue brands that we represent adhere to our core values of quality, longevity and sustainability.

About Us

Established in 2013 Que Fresco is a family business whose mission is simply to provide the best in barbecue, enjoy barbecue cooking and not to destroy the planet. For that reason we are selective about the BBQ brands with whom we choose to work:

  • Construction quality is paramount
  • Cooking capability is of the highest standard

At Que Fresco we endeavour to work differently, we import and wholesale barbecues and smokers that are built to last and our range of wood chips is EU sourced, produced sustainably and solar dried.

We accept that not everything can be produced next door to where it will be consumed but if we're going to use the worlds resources then the last thing we need is for those precious raw materials to be returned to the Earth a few years later as rubbish. Moreover our desire is that the end consumer enjoys barbecuing for many years without having to repair or scrap and replace. 

We try to work with independent family businesses that believe in the quality of the equipment that they produce. Working together recognise that affordability is important but we reject corporate profit, mass production and the continuous drive to make things cheaper. 

  • It's about quality of materials
  • It's about lifetime manufacturing techniques
  • It's about the environmental sustainability of our business and that of our partners

When you buy a Que Fresco represented brand, you'll always find that your equipment delivers superb cooking results and our consumables are not contributing to de-forestation or the destruction of natural habitats.

That said there is clearly an environmental cost to running our business. We monitor this on a regular basis and donate to Rewilding Britain to ensure that our business is in balance with the environment.

How To Use This Site

This site is here to support you the consumer, our retail partners and our independent barbecue manufacturers.  

For The Consumer

We catalogue all the barbecue products distributed by Que Fresco and will take you into the outline specification of every product. This catalogue is here to support the work done by our specialist retailers who stock and serve you at the local level. At the bottom of each product page we will provide links to the retailer network in the geographical areas that we serve.

For The Retailer

Our product descriptions, pictures and supporting videos are here to help you and the general public understand the product features & benefits and to drive demand and help you serve your local community.

We support a full library of partner resources (images, videos, brochures and technical manuals) to ensure that your retail business continues to grow with Que Fresco manufacturer brands.

For The Manufacturer

If you're a niche manufacturer of barbecue products who shares our values for quality, longevity & sustainability and you are looking for a route into European markets then please call us and we'll see if we can help.

Meet The Team


Paul is founder and managing director. Paul loves BBQ (of course) and skiing but has found it challenging to regularly mix the two at the same time. He's also passionate about working in balance with the environment to provide a sustainable future for his children. Given sunshine and time, Paul would be cooking outdoors morning, noon and night, but he also looks after the business systems and finance.


James is responsible for sales and marketing, ensuring that our retailers have everything that they need to help them grow their businesses. Paul thinks that James is a whiz on social media but James argues that by Paul's capability that's not a very high bar to step over. James also acts as demonstration chef and runs his own barbecue catering business at weekends.


Chris runs the warehouse, ensures stock availability and manages the shipping of your orders. Cooking's not his first love but invite him taste the developmental recipes and he'll bring the beer. 


Suzie keep us all (and the business) under control because we need to run a healthy business so we can enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy.